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Leasing space in New York City is no simple matter. Whether you are looking to renew your current lease or relocate your business, there are many factors that you may not be aware of which can cost your business greatly. As a tenant, landlords do anything to take advantage of the fact that you are not experts in commercial leasing - squeezing you for every last penny without you even realizing.

In order to avoid crucial blind spots and maximize the value of your lease, you need to be exposed to the right options that suit your needs and facilitate your success.

That's why I love working with tenants. We do not represent owners in any capacity - only you, the tenant. Our job is to work for you to find the very best options that suit your needs, guiding you every step of the way, considering every alternative, and leaving no stone unturned.

And remember: our services are of absolutely no cost  to you. In commercial transactions, the landlord pays the commission, not the tenant. Our entire purpose is to help you navigate the best real estate options for your business - plain and simple.

Working for You: the #1 Tenant-Representative Firm in NYC.
 David Reich 
Real Estate Consultant & Advisor
"Every day, businesses are getting ripped off and blindsided when negotiating their real estate options, costing them greatly. It's time they have someone on their side."
      - David Reich


Years of commercial real estate experience in NYC


Largest independently-owned tenant-representative firm in NYC

Case Studies

In over 40 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry in New York City, we have represented businesses from every industry classification.

In every significant commercial real estate transaction, there are challenges and hurdles to overcome. However, a company “going at it alone” on a relocation or renewal can end up leaving money on the table… the landlord’s table, that is.

In the case studies that follow, we’ll show how we have helped our clients to overcome these obstacles and turn daunting challenges into strategic wins.

Jordache: Case Study
T3 Capital, LLC: Case Study
Elie Tahari: Case Study
International Labour Organization
to the United Nations:
Case Study
Davidson, Dawson & Clark, LLP
Case Study
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Identifying Your Needs

Orientation, Planning, Surveys, Inspections and Analysis.

We start by reviewing your current lease, meticulously analyzing it to determine all costs and actual charges to your business. We also look out for any subtle attempts by the landlord to add vulnerability to your business.

Next, we conduct a thorough and comprehensive analysis of your space requirements, followed by a powerful survey to find available spaces that suit your needs. This is followed by a full inspection of the best spaces, to ensure that we only present you spaces that fit all or most of your requirements.

Finally, financial analyses and cost projections are presented to give you a clear picture of the numbers.

Analysis and Presentation of Options

Renew, Relocate, Expand, Sublease.


The next stage involves looking at the benefits of renewing your lease in your current location, moving to some place new, or opening up an additional location.


There are a large number of considerations and factors to consider when weighing these options - including understanding the optimal location for your business.

You may find that you aren't using a portion of your space, and would economically benefit from subleasing it out to another tenant.

Negotiation & Execution

Achieving the best possible deal.

The last stages of the process involve submitting and negotiating offers on your behalf for the selected spaces.

We negotiate every item on your behalf, from the rent to the correct tax base year and build-out requirements, as well as many other important details and clauses of your lease in order to provide a comfortable and productive space for your company.

Once a final space has been selected and the lease has been procured, a careful review of the documents takes place. Until the actual signing of the lease, we continue to research all other opportunities for the next best deal, always leveraging our expertise and market dynamics to your advantage.

After the lease has been executed and the deal closes, planning and support for moving, construction and build-out is provided, if necessary.

But it doesn't end there.

We've got your back.

In today's world, businesses need to remain agile and respond strategically and efficiently to new scenarios as they arise. Oftentimes, our clients find that they need to address their office space needs before their lease expiration. We are always here to offer our expert counsel or answer any questions that may come up over the duration of your lease.

The relationships we've built with our clients serve as the backbone for our great business.

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Stay informed. Be in the know.

Staying informed about developing trends in the marketplace is critical to identifying opportunities that will benefit your business.
That's why I'm dedicated to providing you with periodic updates of the market, highlighting key factors that are bringing change to the industry and how your business can take advantage.

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